Faith and Health

 Introduction to Faith and Health

We believe Genesis 1-26 when it says, “Then God said, Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.” We believe that God made us in his image, not to be sick and suffer through a life less than He intended for us. 
When we say, “Health comes from Above-Down, Inside-Out”, we are not only referring to the nervous system, but to the true “Above” from God. It is our own man-made interference that stops the flow from above-down and inside-out and allows us to be sick and suffer.
We also believe that real science should not be in conflict with our faith. The fact that a process is scientific does not mean that it is not from God, as it is He who set the universe up to work the way it does. However, in man’s own arrogance, we sometimes use pseudo-science to think that we know better than the creator how to care for our bodies. 
Faith and Health will be a blessing using three avenues of outreach.
Faith and Health NewsletterFaith and Health Free Email Newsletter
This newsletter puts the science of healthcare to the test of biblical truths. We will discuss what is real science and what is pseudo-science. We will look to see if there are biblical confirmations, or contradictions for the health care practices of today.
Faith and Health Community Outreach Programs: These programs are designed for local churches or groups and given by motivated Christian Chiropractors and Chiropractic Students. These programs will consist of lectures, demonstrations and participation events and are free of charge and open to everyone.
Online Resources: Pages on this web site will contain  links to interesting health related websites, articles, videos and discussions.  
We feel Blessed to be able to offer these pages to all those who search for information and help into the wonders of health as given to us by God.  Please feel free to respond to anything on these pages by emailing me at  Thank you, and God Bless.