NEW PRACTICE MEMBER – What to Expect at Your First Visits:

Thank you for trusting us with your health care concerns. We have outlined what you can expect in our office because we want you to feel comfortable here. Please read, fill out and sign the required paperwork and we’ll get you back to see the Doctor right away.


All new practice members are requested to fill out this personal health history and return it to the front desk. You will then be given a brochure to read explaining "Subluxation".

A one-on-one consultation with the doctor will be done to discuss your health concerns. A Complete Chiropractic and Neurological Diagnostic Examination will be given. This includes tests necessary to determine the precise state of your spine As well, the doctor may determine to give you Specific Chiropractic Postural X-Rays.

At the completion of your first visit, payment for examination services will be collected.

(Insurance: Our normal fees for initial exams and x-rays are a minimum of $350 to $600 plus, depending on your needs. Full fees would be submitted to insurance and you would be responsible for any co-pays, deductibles and uncovered amounts. We offer the discounted cash rate of $155 for the exam, plus discounted xrays, to make it more affordable for you.)


You will return for your Report of Findings (at no additional cost). At this visit the Doctor will explain your exam results and provide you with a packet of exam findings for your records.

If the Doctor feels he can help your particular situation, you may choose to receive an adjustment and begin your care, prior to your reduced rate within your care plan. This fee before the reduced rate care plan is set up is $75.


You will attend a Healthy Living Orientation (at no additional cost). During this time you will learn about health and healing through Chiropractic. This discussion will include an explanation of your recommended Chiropractic Corrective Care Plan and what results can be obtained. You will also be advised of any insurance coverage and offered even more drastically reduced financial plans as appropriate for your situation.

We are glad you are here and promise to do our best for you!